With South Africa fast becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide, it is no wonder that more and more celebrities, high ranking business officials and private individuals are making their way to our shores.

To ensure that any visitor feels safe and secure at all times, Millennium Body Guards offer personal protection like no other company can.

Millennium Body Guards was established in 1998, offering clients over ten years of professional and safe service. All the bodyguards working for this amazing company is registered at PSIRA and they are committed to keeping their clients safe at all times.  The majority of their clients require a full VIP protection service, from chauffer drivers to 24h bodyguards looking after then at all times.

VIP Protection is not only for keeping individuals safe from criminal harm, it also assists celebrities to avoid the unwanted media and cameras while they are on their holiday in South Africa.

The chauffeurs that Millennium Body Guards provide are all registered bodyguards and experienced in the travel industry to ensure that every client receives the best care available.

They can arrange and provide any vehicle that a client requests, and they even own their own bullet proof vehicle. Charter planes and helicopters can be arranged according to the needs of the clients and a full VIP protection services can be arranged in conjunction with it.

During the fantastic FIFA soccer world cup held in South Africa, Millennium Body Guards provided the pretection and transport for many soccer stars, celebrities and politicians.